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EF86 (EF806) Valve NEW TESTED


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EF86 (EF806) Valve
EF86 (EF806) Valve/Tube for amplifiers.

EF86(EF806) Valve For Guitar Amplifiers.

Our replacement preamplifier EF86 valve (also known as an EF806 valve) will restore the original sound quality and power to your amplifier.

There are many manufacturers of this valve and we have chosen the Svetlana as being best in class. Although we love the JJ valve range we believe that nothing can touch this valve so we use this in all our kits.

About The EF86 valve/tube.

The Svetlana EF86 is in our opinion far superior to the JJ and Electro Harmonix versions, good as they are. We find it to be quieter in operation with massive amounts of headroom. It has significantly lower noise and far more gain than the competition.

  • Awesome tone –  Surely the number one priority for any guitarist.
  • Sustained valve power to make the most of every stage in the amplifier chain.
  • Long valve life. Guitar amps have to be built to take a lot of knocks. This is very important when it comes to amplifier valves.

This Russian made EF86 is the preamp valve of choice for many high end and boutique amplifier manufacturers. It has been in production for many years and is well proven and tested.

Do you have any questions about replacing the EF86 (EF806) valve on your amplifier?

Buying our replacement EF86 valve guarantees you will get awesome tone. These valves offer superb value for money and long life. If you have any questions about replacing your EF86 valves on your amplifier please drop us an email.

The best performing replacement EF86 valve on the market today.

  • Every valve is fully tested before we ship to you.
  • Fast delivery options including next day if you are in a rush.
  • 30 years experience so buy with confidence.
  • We ship internationally every single day.

EF86 valves/tubes for sale. Brand new, fully tested and 100% guaranteed.

So, choose our Svetlana EF86 valve for reliability, awesome sound quality and superb value for money.


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EF86 (EF806) Valve NEW TESTED